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From the very beginnings, Darkness is omnipresent in all things of the Universe.

In each potential, at the roots of everything and in each aspiration, there is a dark dimension; and in the absoluteness of Its own essence, Darkness remains unalterable.

Darkness is revealed through the material aspects of being and through the spiritual spheres.

The nature of Darkness accepts to take these forms for Its incarnation and manifests Itself via those ways capable to transmit the spirit of Darkness and to keep the movement aligned with Its incessant evolution. At the confluence of the spiritual and material worlds, the Church of Darkness is the offspring and the outpost of Darkness.

The Church of Darkness is given for the attainment and the development of principles of Darkness in the Universe.

The Church, as a Temple and Altar, meets the highest aims and exists for the incarnation of Darkness.

As the roots of the Church of Darkness are beyond space and time, the Church can’t therefore be subject to neither space nor time. The Church of Darkness permeates all levels of existence and has always existed eternally.

The Church of Darkness is the indestructible and invincible Citadel which defies all beings, both in the celestial spheres and on earth. In the basis of the Church lie the unifying principle and the harmony of forces of Darkness.

The Church of Darkness is manifested as a One and Indivisible essence, as a unification of numerous essences and beings who are Darkness either from their beginning or at the moment of their apogee.

The Church of Darkness is the union between those who belong to Darkness by their own choice and their original dark nature.

The Church appears first and foremost as an Idea, and takes flesh through the soul of those who are chosen by Darkness, and then comes true by their actions. The Church of Darkness has no other walls, except the hearts of the worthy followers of Darkness, and has no altar, for the Church is the Altar itself. That’s why the Church is invulnerable and never mixed with what is low and human.

The Church of Darkness is not a mediator between man and Darkness. The Church is the Gates, the guide of Darkness in man and the guide of man in Darkness.

Due to Its creation, the Church of Darkness cannot accept efforts from human hands, because the Church never accepts the way leading to a Church of man. Those who are called and transformed by Darkness are able to raise the Temple of Darkness in their soul; and by the fulfillment of all the mysteries of the Gloom and the offering of gifts on the Altar of Darkness, they are able to find the knowledge of Darkness and to become a empowered integral part of It.

Each part of Darkness is independent and rightful in the Church. A Hierarchy of Experience and Actions legitimates the ancient relationships, showing equal rights inside the Church and equivalent status in face of Darkness. Originally and invariably, the Church is given for the elite, being honest in its relationship with Darkness.

The Church of Darkness, as an essence in itself, accepts or does not accept new followers, and Darkness Itself gives trials to the new-comer.

The Knighthood of Darkness will become an example for those who come into Darkness...

... nostri cordis altaria ornans...


Only for those who can see the essence beyond the form,
Darkness closes the human eyes of flesh
and opens their dark spirit’s Eyes.
Only to those who can see the Dark Truth
beyond the Veil imposed by Light,
the Diabolus gives them the right to destroy
and create for the Victory of Hell.

Res Satanae is rooted into the genuine, traditional and occult Diabolical Path. That’s why our approach and comprehension of the Dark Side differs radically from many today’s opinions and conceptions regarding Darkness and Chaos.

Indeed, nowadays the Diabolical Path is sadly all too often the subject of several misconceptions and vulgar interpretations, essentially because of a lack of a truthful and appropriate understanding of the essence and status of the Dark Principles. In addition, many dark movements are self-proclaimed “diabolic” or “satanic”, but without having a real connection with the Underworld, and by consequence they propagate a misunderstanding of what Darkness and Chaos really are. Being profane by nature, these movements construct their philosophy, activism and propaganda upon an anthropocentric view point. Most of them deny the real existence of Satan and see Him simply as a concept or a psychic construction. The resulting inconveniences are that they peddle a distorted or a false vision of the Diabolical Path and a very superficial vision of the nature of Evil, by the fact that they generally confuse the diabolical Evil with the human evil.

On the contrary, we assert the necessity of having an appropriate, truthful and deep metaphysical understanding of the Dark Side. Indeed, real satanic progresses and dark self-developments depend on the maturity of the comprehension of Darkness and Chaos and on the profound feelings we have about via authentic experiences happened in real connection with the Dark Side. The second point is that the value and the effectiveness of all diabolical Actions depend clearly on how the Dark Reality is perceived and understood, not with human logic and rationality, but in the depths of our heart and spirit. Consequently, and with very deep reasons, Res Satanae is opposed and not belong to all “atheistic”, modern and profane satanic movements.

We refuse to see Satan as a symbolic and abstract concept or as pleasure-seeking alibi. We don’t accept the hedonistic and materialistic versions of the Diabolus. We reject all anthropocentric versions of the Diabolus. We refuse to see Satan as a cultural artifact or psychological archetype or the shadow aspect of the human ego. We reject the concept of Satan as the manifestation of everything low and vile in human being. We deny also the “light” conceptions of Satan. Satan is not a creature of Light or God, as the traditions of Light would have us to believe. Satan is the uncreated Dragon of Abyss and was prior to Light and God.

For us, Satan is a “real entity”, Satan is an essence. Satan is the Heart of Chaos and the destroyer of Light. Satan is the Supreme Diabolus, the Highest One in Darkness. Satan is the initial cause of all reasons in Darkness and Chaos.

We worship and honor Satan as our Father and Master, and contribute to the development of His Reign.

We assert the primordiality of Darkness and Chaos, and all the metaphysical consequences that ensue of this statement.

De Spiritu Diaboli in Homine...

The Diabolical Path is for us an authentic spiritual way.

The Diabolical Spirituality is the “mystical “ manifestation of the “living” presence of the Spiritus Diaboli in us. It is the measure of all our satanic intents, actions, progresses and achievements made on the Dark Path.

The Diabolical Spirituality is the mark of satanic maturity, and thereby gives the right to de-create and create in the Name of the Diabolus.

The Diabolical Spirituality is the radiance of the Black Flame burning in our demonic hearts.

The Diabolical Spirituality is the seal of our black Faith graved in our spirit.

The Diabolical Spirituality is both the process of awaking the dark spirit of the homo antichristus and the higher state of demonic consciousness in man.

Spiritual experiences, inhuman “mystical” union and transcendental immersions into Darkness play a central role in our diabolical Path, because they give the indispensable de-conditioning process in order to reach the ideal essence of Nahemoth.

Nevertheless, Dark Spirituality must not be perceived as something abstract and disincarnated nor as something equal to the denial or refusal of the reality of the matter. Dark Spirituality, by reunifying matter and spirit in their true demonic meaning, allows us to grasp the true comprehension and use of matter and spirit in a diabolical and primordial way.

The spirit of diabolical man, possessing the purity of high Evil, can see beyond the Great Illusion of Light the Horror of Chaos and be one with the dark splendifera Beauty of Dark Truth…


Bound together by blood and dark spirit, united together by real merciless initiations, infernal actions and demonic self-developments, we form a Diaboli Congregatio of strictly selected dark souls having an authentic connection with the Dark Side. The transcendental body of our dark Community is constantly nurtured and strengthened by cruel self-sacrifices, spiritual immersions into Darkness and very dark personal experiences. All the diabolical activities we perpetrate are performed in the purest form and essence of the blackest Satanism/Diabolism.

As Ecclesia of Hell, we worship and honor Satan as our Father and our Sovereign.

We are mystically united altogether by the “living” Black Faith pulsing in our demonic hearts, and thereby we form a indivisible and “living” demonic entity which spreads its multiple infernal heads and evil potentials though space and time.

High Dark Spirituality is the cornerstone of our dark Church and the cement of all our sinister practices, infernal actions and oppositions against the Archenemy, i.e. Light. Metaphysically, we affirm and defend the fundamental principle of absolute primordiality of Darkness and Chaos. We affirm Their precedence and anteriority to Light and God.

The spiritual and demonic self-development of each of us are based on authentic and real initiations, on cruel trials and pilgrimages, on a severe discipline of rituals and self-sacrifices. We promote the realization of the Diabolical Principles both in the Universe and the human Self via secret demonic manipulations and transformations. The cruel Diabolical Alchemy of the Black Fire is for us the key to transform the human essence into the demonic essence and to open the path leading to the liberation in the Diabolus.

As Castellum of Hell, we work spiritually and concretely for the Triumph of Darkness and Chaos with the purest and blackest Satanic Spirit.

We are entirely dedicated to serve Satan, to fight in His Name and to accomplish the needs of Hell without compromise and forever.

We have the responsibility to accomplish the Will of Satan and realize the Diabolical Principles with inviolable fidelity and spiritual maturity, with honor and dignity.

The perfect Odium is the highest measure of our refusal. Our unconditional Love for Satan and our demonic of Hate against Light, God and all the manifestations of their imposture nourish the eternal Black Flame burning in our inhuman heart.

As Satanica Legio, Res Satanae cultivates a very martial spirit due to the engagement in the secret War against Light and God. Acting in priority on the spiritual plan, without denying the physical spheres when it is necessary, Res Satanae has the aim to generate a continuous and inexhaustible flux of evil pulsations against Harmony, Sanctity and Life.

With pro inferno and contra deum Actions, Res Satanae has the purpose of supporting the Evolution of Chaos into Hell and strengthening the Expansion of Chaos by erecting Altars and opening Gates for the penetration of the High Evil into the fundament of the Creation.

By the convergence of many anti-humanistic, anti-cosmic and anti-divine fights, Res Satanae is a Dark Core of infernal influences and a powerful Outpost of the Dark Forces with the aim of realizing the laws and the principles of Satan’s Reign in essence.

Being Architects of Evil and, we create and destroy. We manipulate the cosmos. But we belong to the Diabolus only. Our occult infernal methods and rituals result from the deep connections we have with Dark Essences and are sculpted in the depths of our heart and spirit inspired by Inferno.

In order to perform and fulfill our infernal tasks of a transcendental character, we deploy the power of our dark creativity always inspired by the Black Flame pulsing in us, but also by the very hidden knowledge of the High Dark Mysteries, the Ars Magna Atra and the corpus of hereditary Darkest Diabolical Traditions.

Nevertheless, the Actions we perpetrate inside the body of Creation have not to be in conflict with the essence of Dark Principles nor to degrade the essence of the Summum Malum (Highest Evil), but they must reflect the dark ideal of Hell at its highest level.

We refuse everything that deforms the Spirit of Darkness. We reject everything that is in contradiction with the Dark Values. We never confuse the personal animosity and human low evil with the authentic Evil, for Evil comes from Satan, from the Heart of Chaos. Neither emotional nor impulsive whims dictate our motivations, but only the demonic will whispering in our hearts. Everything that is low and human, vile and inappropriate is rejected by us.

We put the supremacy of the Dark and Satanic Spirit above and beyond all human conceptions and societal values, above and beyond the natural and the divine order, above and beyond all the illusive aspects of the created world and personal existence.

We don’t separate our dark Vocation from your existence. In all aspect of life, in any action, at each level of formation, the follower of the Dark Path must be like the Diabolus. We accept no compromise. We tolerate no weakness. We honor firmness, dignity and fidelity.

We expect nobility, maturity and sense of honor from those who follow the Diabolical Path.

We are completely devoted to our mission and ready to die.

Imitatio Diaboli is the motto of our cursed destiny.

The Diabolical way of life is our dark ideal of life and the fundament on which a real itinerary of dark spiritual maturation leading to an authentic demonic vocation and to a consecration as priest or priestess of Satan becomes possible.

Caveat quis portas R. S. penetret

Res Satanae is not open to non-initiated and profanum vulgus, to the ignorantes and to the persons driven by curiosity.

That’s why we don’t publish here our esoteric material and methods, but only some short texts or necessary words to introduce ourselves and give an basic outline of our dark Community.

This choice is neither a whim nor a mark of arrogance of us, but a thoughtful choice based upon the necessity to protect the occult core of Res Satanae from all distortions and malevolencies. We assume also the responsibility to preserve from the profane eyes the infernal fruits of the hard work of our Brothers and Sisters made for the Reign of Satan and the Victory of Hell.

The mission of all public manifestations of Res Satanae is only through the form of opened publications with the aim to guide the true seekers on the Dark Path and to reach out to those few who have the potential of seeing the essence beyond the forms and illusions and have heard the Call of the Diabolus.

Res Satanae is very selective regarding the importation of new fresh dark blood in its core. So, we reject the curious and the fanatic. We repel the arrogant and the poseur. We have no pity with the traitor. We destroy the hypocrite and the vile. We have many deep reasons not to open the doors of our Dark Church straight away... The maintenance of the quality of the development and the coherence of our Community is one of the main reasons for this choice.

Indeed, there is no need for Res Satanae to enter in contact with feeble-minded people or with persons with low and egoistic motivations. We have no interest to contact persons sharing the ideas and the goals of profane, hedonistic or atheistic self-proclaimed satanic movements, nor to have connections with the mass of emasculated dark mainstreams or ideological dark currents, because they contribute to the distortion of the Dark Principles’ perception of and pervert the veritable relation between man and the Diabolus.

Our words put in this portal have also the aim to test the reader…We observe the seeker at the threshold of our dark Temple. Only proofs of bravery, sincerity, maturity and purity in the total respect of the Will of Satan will convince us to open the doors.

But we are sure that the worthy ones will see in our words and short texts an initial and sufficient guidance for them to go further. However, they should be able to prove us the authenticity and the sincerity of their motivations as well as the validity of their participations into the development of Hell and contributions to the Diabolus.

Being part of the elite troops of Satan requires the seeker to transcend human limits, to be always above the illusive and viscous aspirations of human egoism and to direct all efforts towards the benefice of Hell only.

We are very antagonistic to everything that does not belong to Hell. Our struggle against the divine has not to be understood as a simple theophobia, but as the necessary deicide involved in pro inferno action and in the integral process of demonic self-transformation and the black transmutation of the world. The fighting against god is one of the multiple actions within the framework of the whole and integral evolution of Chaos into Hell.

We act inside the whole spiritual and physical spectrum of reality, from the subtle levels to the material ones. But we are neither involved in movements of social non-conformism nor in currents of immature rebellions or low activism. Thus, we emphasize the importance of acting with severity and without compromise, but with maturity, because the Satanic Spirit must be incarnated in its highest level in each of our actions. Anything that compromises the demonic essence of action and distorts the Will, the Values and the Spirit of Inferno makes the victory something equal to a failure.

A great sense of responsibility, no indulgence for oneself, but severity and firmness, sincerity and purity, honor and dignity should be the essential values for those who kneel before the Throne of the Supreme Diabolus and wish to become a worthy element of the Dark Aristocracy in the coming Dark Times…

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